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セーラームーン by オレンジ on pixiv
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Those are so cute aww ♥
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In case you’ve forgotten what I look like
Anonymous: fave actress?

Honestly, I hate movies. I get too bored.

illbeyourhope: Marry me.

I’m off the market, sorry! :p

infamous-monster: I love you hair!

Which one? ;p

Anonymous: Aere you matrrying Sam?

Um no, I left him ages ago.

Anonymous: How old are you? :) You look very young.

I’m 21 actually!

Anonymous: how do you feel abot being married so young

Honestly there’s no such thing as “too young”. When you’re ready, you’re ready. And I’m quite happy.

Anonymous: You make an adorable Link! (/.\)

Thank you! I hope to improve that cosplay in the near future, I was in a time crunch when I made it. :)

Anonymous: hey just was wondering where you buy your costumes from because they look great and I can never find any that look nice, thanks!

I make 99% of all my costumes, all by hand from scratch, sorry! I never buy anything. I’m always willing to custom make one though, depending on what you want for a reasonable price.